Peek into a shoeenvy girl’s closet.

Andria Litto’s closet

At 5’2” tall, she may be little but she’s got a big presence. Whether she’s wearing 5 inch heels or flats, Andria Litto will get your attention.

Born into a Hollywood family, the daughter of famous manager and Hollywood producer George Litto, Andria grew up literally rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite. Mr. Litto produced some of the most famous movies and TV shoes including M.A.S.H, Blow Out, Dressed to Kill and Over the Edge – in which Matt Dillon got his big break.

Not only was Andria hanging out on movie sets with stars like john Travolta and Michael Caine, weekly Saturday night poker games at the house drew quite the guest list. Andria’s Godfather, Oscar nominated writer Abraham Polonsky (Force of Evil), Robert Altman, Waldo Salt (Midnight Cowboy), Brian DePalma, Ring Lardner Jr. (M/A.S.H) and many more were staples at the Litto house. Even a young Scorcese would make appearances.

Obviously all of the award shows were a big deal around the Litto house and it’s those ceremonies that started Andria’s shoeenvy. I mean what’s a girl to do when she’s surrounded by so much bling?!

Meet Andria Litto –

Maria : Have you ever had shoeenvy?

Andria : Oh yeah! Every time I watch the Oscars, the globes , the Emmy’s and all those beautiful shoes walk down the carpet. I don’t really care about the dresses – it’s the shoes! And I get really disappointed when someone wears a bad shoe.

Maria: What was your first favorite pair of shoes and what did you love about them?

Andria: my first beloved pair of shoes was Tony Loma cowboy boots when I bought at college in New Orleans. I stopped at Tony Loma’s in Texas and bought them. I wore them until they completely fell apart and the shoemaker couldn’t put them back together. That took about 10 years.

Maria : How much do shoes influence your style?

Andria: Sometimes I design an entire outfit around my shoes. But sometimes I think my style influences my shoe choice. I’m short so I wear very few flats. Coming from a European background I lean towards sexy vs comfort. I don’t think Sofia Lauren would be caught dead in a “sensible” pair of shoes.

Maria: What is your current favorite pair of shoes?

Andria: I have a pair of red patent leather Prada ankle straps. And my constant favorite are my black Ted Baker patent leather slides.

Maria: Do you have a favorite shoe designer?

Andria: Prada. For specialty shoes Rene Caovilla

Maria: Where do you buy most of your shoes?

Andria: Nordstrom and Neiman’s because they carry size 5. Nordstrom carries the largest size collection.

Maria: How does a new pair of shoes make you feel?

Andria: Like a million bucks. It’s like a new car for a guy.

I have to agree with Andria about the new car feel. Although, sometimes, a really nice pair of heels can get you a lot further than a pretty car. 😉

Be you. Be envied.